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Servicing Workshop

Our workshop is the beating heart of Bikegoo. We have one of the best reputations in the South East for friendly, great value and thoroughly professional bike repairs.

Types of bicycle servicing and repair work we offer:

Pretty much anything! We're happy to carry out all sorts of individual cycle maintenance jobs from fixing a puncture to fitting a headset or building a wheel. Alternatively we offer three different bicycle service packages details of these can be found below. If you would like a quote for specific work, please contact us.

Gear and Brake Tune Up Service

Recommended for all bikes that could do with smoother running gears and problem free brakes. We'll also give your bike a quick safety check.

  • Gears checked for proper function
  • Full gear indexing and end-stop setup
  • Derailleurs checked for alignment, mech hanger re-aligned if required
  • Chain and cassette checked for wear and replaced if necessary
  • Chain lubricated
  • Cables lubricated or replaced if required
  • Brake calipers aligned, pads checked and replaced if necessary
  • Brakes checked for proper function and adjusted if required
  • Quick safety check of the rest of the bike
  • If hydraulic brakes need bleeding this can be done for an extra £15 per brake (£25 for both)

General Service

Recommended for regularly used bikes every 6-9 months or whenever you think your bike could do with a general tune up.

  • Frame and forks wiped down and checked for alignment
  • Hubs and rims checked for damage and wear
  • Hub bearings checked for free movement and adjusted if necessary
  • Tyres and sidewalls checked for wear and inflated to correct pressure
  • Wheels laterally trued and spokes re-tensioned
  • Headset checked for free movement and adjusted if necessary
  • Cranks removed and cleaned, bottom bracket checked for tightness and free movement and adjusted if necessary.
  • Bolts checked and tightened to correct torque
  • Chain checked for wear, cleaned and relubricated. Replaced if necessary.
  • Gears indexed, checked and adjusted if necessary.
  • Cables lubricated or replaced if required.
  • Brake pads checked for wear and replaced if necessary.
  • Brakes checked for effective operation and alignment.
  • If hydraulic brakes need bleeding this can be done for an extra £15.

Full Service

Recommended for regularly used bikes every year or for bikes that have been stored for a long time or for bikes experiencing numerous problems.

  • All parts of a general service plus...
  • All components removed from the frame and inspected for wear and smooth operation.
  • Headset disassembled checked and re-greased
  • Bottom bracket removed removed and re-greased
  • Bottom bracket shell tapped and faced if required
  • Any other threads tapped if required to remove corrosion or damage if required.
  • All components re-fitted to frame
  • Full set of new cables fitted (included in cost of service)

Specialist Services

We are also very pleased to also offer specialist services such as...

  • - Suspension fork servicing (from £25)
  • - Basic shock servicing (from £25)
  • - Hydraulic brake bleeding and servicing (from £15)
  • - Wheel building (from £45)

Custom Built Bikes

We are happy to help you build your bike from the ground up. Whether you have all the bits you need to build your bike and just need someone to put it together for you, or if you don't have anything yet apart from an idea of what you want your bike to be like, we can help! We love doing this and it means you get a one off bike which is tailored to you.

How to book your bike into our workshop

Please call us or email us first to arrange a suitable time/date for us to get your bike into our workshop. Once you have a time arranged you just need to drop the bike over to us.