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Demo Bikes

We are very pleased to have several demo bikes available for customers to try on your favourite local trails. We think it is crucial that you have the opportunity to ride the bike(s) you are interested in to get a proper feel for whether it is right for you before you part with your hard earned cash.


We charge £50 which buys you a month's worth of demos. That means over a month you can ride up to 4 demo bikes. We've found that riding a few bikes or a couple of different sizes of bike really helps you to pin down the one that is right for you. The £50 charge is refundable if you go on to buy a bike from us.


To take a bike out, it is advisable to contact us a few days in advance (to check your bike is available and ready to ride). Simply give us a call, send an email or pop into the shop to get it arranged. On the day of your ride you will be required to provide I.D. (passport or driving license), proof of address (bank statement or utility bill) and sign our disclaimer / booking form. You can then whisk the bike away for a ride.


Aside from our in house demo bikes we also have access to bikes in the Orange and Santa Cruz UK demo fleets so if we don't quite have the size / model of you'd like to try, please get in touch and we'll check when we can get one for you. 


To book a demo please just pop in, email or give us a call.


Important note: Our demo bikes are not "hire" bikes. They are exclusively for the use of customers who are serious about buying an Orange or Santa Cruz bike from us. If you just want to hire a bike for a weekend ride, we'd be happy to recommend a couple of alternative places that offer this.


Our in house demo bikes:


2017 Orange Five RS (Medium)


2017 Orange Four Pro (Large)

2017 Santa Cruz Tallboy - S Spec (Large)

2017 Santa Cruz Hightower - S Spec (Large)

2017 Santa Cruz Bronson - S Spec (Large)

2017 Santa Cruz 5010 - S Spec (Medium)